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Building your Spiritual Core

Years ago a friend taught me a dozen or so core building exercises, which have strengthened me to ride, swim and run stronger in order to compete in triathlons. More significantly the exercises have resulted in my living virtually free from back pain. Spiritual exercises can have the same effect on our faith. We can be transformed spiritually through exercises that position ourselves to experience God’s love and nurture and sense of His empowering presence daily.

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I've always been drawn to study, practice, and create devotional exercises - ways to experience more of God's presence and His love. In that respect this book has been more than 40 years in the making. Over two years ago, during a prayer retreat at our cabin in the mountains in central Bali, I started writing out simple, clear steps that I've used to practice these spiritual exercises in order to pass them on to others . The project snowballed as I compiled more and more creative and fun ways to pray. The Holy Spirit kept jogging my memory of exercises that I had come across over the years. I discovered more through the writings of great devotional masters of ages past. I had a blast "field-testing" exercises that were new to me. The creativity flowed with more and more God-inspired ideas.

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Ron's Latest Book

Building Your Spiritual Core

As the title of this book implies, there are actually a hundred and one different ways we can connect with God that I have compiled here. You probably have practiced some of these exercises, but you won’t be familiar with all of them because some are my original creations. Many have been practiced by devotional masters from past centuries. All have been field tested. Not all of them will inspire you or help you feel closer to God, but out of these 101 exercises I’m hoping there will be many that do—many that rock your devotional life world.

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